Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finally Leaving the Hospital

Well, we still don't quite have a solution to the extended hospital stay Myra had this month (you can read about it here). After a double ear infection, Rotavirus and dehydration, Myra's electrolytes would not stablize. We went home on oral potassium hoping to regulate it there, but both days we took blood after leaving the hospital the potassium came back High! My poor baby has never been ill up to this point (8 months) and I think the ACTH she is on for her Infantile Spasms is irritating things. We go back to the hospital this morning for yet another blood draw after lowering the dosage significantly both days, the potassium came back high. I'm thinking her body is just stabilizing on its own finally and she probably doesn't need the oral supplements.

In the meantime, poor girl can't sleep well at all and nurses constantly. And I'm not exaggerating at all! She was latched on for a whole 2 hours one day this past week! If she's not nursing, she is either fussing or sleeping. She has very little happy, or even content awake times. She won't sleep swaddled on the couch anymore either. She either sleeps in the sling or on me on the couch. I think waking her every 2 hours in the hospital has destroyed her lovely sleep pattern. She was one of only two of my kids that slept through the night (6-8hrs) before 10 months! Poor baby girl....

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