Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I am a Proud Aunt Once Again!

Mr. Prince's sister, Sarah, had her baby on June 21st! It was her longest labor and third child. She has two little boys named Josiah (4) and Logan (2). She had been contracting all of Sunday and decided to go into the hospital Sunday night. They didn't record any contractions, but her cervix was 3/3.5cm and they decided to let her walk an hour and see if her cervix was changing. After an hour, her cervix was a full 4cm, but the on-call doctor decided to not admit her and told her to call her midwife in the morning. She was frustrated, but I went home with her figuring she would just get some rest before the morning. We got home around 2am, but at 3:40 starting timing her contractions. They were 2-5 minutes apart for a while and starting to get intense. Then, she went potty and things started slowing down a bit, but contractions were never really more than 11 minutes apart. Through the early morning, contractions started to get regularly 8 and 9 minutes apart and she just tried to rest. Around 8:45am we headed into her midwife's office and she was 6 cm dilated! The midwife thought she would go quickly, so immediately sent her to Dupont Hospital next door to get some antibiotics started for GBS.

It wasn't until 2pm that they broke her water and shortly after, gave her an epidural. Prior to breaking her water she was still 6cm, but immediately after she was already 8cm! Her contractions weren't really picking up and they upped her dosage of Pitocin a few times. Still no contractions. At 4pm she was still 8cm. Finally, around 7pm she was fully dilated, basically with no contractions?! She didn't feel pressure, but when she got into position to push, apparently they could already see baby's hair! Two pushed and Baby Avery "Ava" Laine Barbara Exford was here! She was 8lbs 2oz, 22in long born just a little after 7pm. Laine is Sarah's father's middle name and Barbara is both Sarah and Brandon's mother's names. She is absolutely beautiful! Perfect chunky legs, a possible crooked pinky like her mama, dimples like Logan, and possibly reddish hair like her Daddy!

Proud Mama

Myra and her first girl cousin!
They already have a duet down!

Congrats, Brandon and Sarah! You did good!

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