Monday, July 5, 2010

Independance Day

Well, unfortunately July 4th wasn't exactly what I had envisioned. We started Adventures in MFW this past fall and I was hoping to have the culmination of the curriculum at the July 4th celebration. Well, since we still have half the curriculum left, that didn't really happen. At least we studied the Revolutionary War and Declaration of Independence already! So, a little disappointing for me, but I'll live.

But, we did have fun this weekend!

We made some no-bake cookies together... Mmmmmm....

We made some crayon "cookies" from our old broken crayons (thanks for the idea, Anne!)...

This ended up being more educational than I had planned. Sid the Science Kid and Princess Pea had apparently learned about "cool" and "warm" colors, so Sid decided he wanted "cool" and "warm" crayon cookies. Next time I'm hoping to mix some colors and watch them blend into new ones.

And we dressed up for the holiday and went to Grandma and PopPop's for a cookout...

MommyK and Myra

Myra's 1st Independence Day!

The Klan (all hot and sweaty from playing outside)

We also went with our cousins to the firework show, but my camera died and these are the only photos I got! I'll have to post the cute ones from Aunt Sarah's camera of all the kiddos in their little chairs later...
MommyK with Myra and niece Avery

Mr. Prince had to prove he could do it, too...

On a side note, I was visiting with a friend this week who babysits a little girl who is 6 months old named Sophia. Now, I haven't been around a lot of babies since Myra was born, so I don't have much to compare her to besides the memory of my own kids. Not that comparing is great...but it does give me perspective. I was able to play with Sophia and get a feel for "normal" tone and strength in a baby close to Myra's age. I was happy to "feel" that Myra's tone is very, very normal. It gave me chills just thinking about how that part of her is HEALED! I think Myra is very much the size of a 6 month old right now, too. She doesn't have the chunky legs, but her length and such. Sophia and Myra were so cute together. Sophia kept grabbing at Myra and pulling on her shirt or caressing her arm and Myra loved it! She could totally tell she was there! And, she sat up against the couch for a long time!

In the next photo you can see the difference in Myra's head. It slopes back because the skull is not growing. I see her all day long, so I know there IS a difference, but I don't really SEE the difference myself until I compare her. It actually doesn't look THAT far off to me... Now, compared to another nine month old, it might be more noticeable. But, we are continuing to pray for the little brain growing in there and praying her suchers don't fuse. I've read that even if they fuse, the doctors won't do anything about it because it's due to a brain injury. I don't quite get that myself, but we are praying God moves those suchers himself and heals her brain. My baby girl, she is still the most beautiful girl in the world!

How cute are they?! So sweet...And Myra's not the only little girl with floppy ears!

And, I also wanted to share... four times in the past few days Myra has looked right at me. Right into my eyes. I can tell she is looking at me. The last time I remember her doing that was when she was in the hospital. I melt (and cry) every single time she does it. My baby girl is seeing things, I know it. She is seeing her Mommy again. Thank you, Lord...for another extension of your grace.


Mo said...

So sweet!

Shanna said...

You are such a good Mama to make those crayon cakes!...I just throw broken crayons in the garbage when I find them lying on the floor.

Myra is SO adorable in red, white, and blue!