Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Star-Spangled Clubhouse Program

Sid the Science Kid and Mr. Prince's last week of Clubhouse is this week. Sid is pretty upset it has to end. They put on a program Tuesday for parents and sang 8 or 9 Patriotic songs, which was the theme this year. It was pretty impressive! They've also had lots of art work come home these last few weeks with flags and red, white and blue themes. Sid is looking forward to earning a Magic School Bus book on America at the end of the week. He has learned a ton from manners, character virtues, reading topics like the theme of a story, the climax, and the plot, how to get along with others in game class, how to play chess, and more. Today they went to a health center for the mentally handicapped and helped the people play Bingo and earn prizes without even earning prizes themselves. Mr. Prince said Sid did awesome there with his friend Bill. It has been a good experience for Sid and always great money for Mr. Prince!

Sid is the second from the right in the first row.

I tried to upload Sid's favorite song at the program tonight, but I couldn't. It was the song singing the states and their capitals in order. He has been singing this for weeks and has taught the girls the chorus. They did great!! Sorry you can't see...

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Rachel said...

What is Clubhouse exactly? Sounds neat!