Friday, July 31, 2009

Busy Weekend and MommyK and Princess Pea's Trip to the Indianapolis Zoo

A good friend of mine that moved to Michigan came back to visit our family this past weekend. When I met her, we'll call her Andy, Sid the Science Kid was under 2 and Princess Pea was only a few weeks. Andy's little girl, little-friend-Kia, was only a few weeks also. Since then I have had three more kids and she has had two more. It's been fun to watch our families grow together. It went better than expected to have 4 adults and 7 children in our three bedroom home for two nights. We went to our local zoo together on Sunday with both families and a local splash park on Monday. When Andy went down to Indy to complete their vacation, I decided to take Princess Pea to meet them down at the Indy Zoo on Tuesday. Princess Pea and little-friend-Kia are good friends, though Angelica Pickles and Sid also claim her as their best friend, too. It was a fun little trip and the girls had a blast. I ended up staying the night at Mr. Prince's request because he didn't want me driving 2 hours at midnight. A fun, memorable vacation with just my oldest girl. Here are some photos of the kids at both zoos and the splash park. I would like to take my family back to the Indy zoo next summer.

Fort Wayne Zoo photos:

Sid the Science Kid (6), little-friend-Kia's brother G (2), Princess Pea (4), little-friend-Kia (4) and Angelica Pickles (3)

Daddy and Boo Boo - I love this shot!

All the kids got to feed the giraffes some lettuce - a new exhibit at our zoo!

The Drums were part of the African Journey.

Boo Boo's favorite exhibit - the Penguins!!!

So cute! Sid the Science Kid and little-friend-Kia.

Splash Park photos:

Indy Zoo photos:

Little-friend-Kia and Princess Pea got to meet Sophie the Elephant up close. They had fun comparing their own body parts to the elephants.

This polar bear exhibit was neat because you could see it above ground and below when it was swimming! We watched the polar bear for a long time because Baby Manny, Andy's youngest, had a blow-out...

I've never seen a rhino up close!

This was so cool....they got to pet dog sharks!!! They were really stinky by the end, though...

The girls were exhausted by the end of the day. They didn't go to bed until almost midnight!! It was a fun trip, though! Four days of non-stop fun with Andy and her family!

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