Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Inspiring Story....

This is taken from God's Little Devotion Book for Moms

Leslie was born mentally retarded, without eyes, and with cerebral palsy. Vegetable-like, he was totally unresponsive to sound or touch. At the age of six months, he was expected to die shortly . A nurse, May Lemke, was asked if she could care for him at home until that time. She did...for more than thirty years.

When May accepted baby Leslie, she accepted him as just that, a baby - no different from others - to be taught and loved. Year after year she cared for him, but there was no movement or response. Even so, she never stopped talking to him, singing to him, or praying for him. Music filled their home....still, no response. She and her husband bought an old used piano and put it in his bedroom. She pushed his fingers against the keys. With quiet faith, she knew God would someday help Leslie to break out of his prison. She rejoiced when he began to walk at at age 16.

Several years later, May and her husband were awakened one night by the sound of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1. Startled, they arose to find Leslie at the piano with a smiling glow on his face. Shortly thereafter he began to talk and to cry....and to sing. And at age 28, he began to talk in earnest. May's prayers were answered - in God's timing, God's way.

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