Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I took Myra to the healing prayer room tonight at our church. I've been wanting to take her for a few weeks now and just never carved out the time to do it. It was a nice prayer time with three men I didn't know, but they seemed sincere and believed wholeheartedly in what they were saying. After I explained to them my prayer requests, one of the men asked, "Is this the little girl Pastor Ron had a vision about?" I'm not sure why he asked in that way, but I definitely think it was God's reminder to me of the promises we have already been given. And it made me feel so much peace as they prayed. Another of the men asked to share something with me before we prayed. He said he was told his daughter would never talk, walk or eat by herself when she was a baby and that she would be institutionalized before she was a teenager; but, that she is now 31 years old, takes a bus to her job at a sub shop downtown, takes the bus back home and is doing well. It was very encouraging. And what are the chances that someone with such similar circumstances would be in the prayer room tonight? Only when God is in control.

The men prayed for Myra, and as they did she smiled over and over. She fussed before and she fussed afterward, but during that prayer she was as high as a kite! It was sweet and I wonder what her little eyes could see of the supernatural world in those moments. We left and I found an empty room to read a few Psalms and some of Job's story. I headed home feeling good about the prayer time and feeling peace that God will do what He desires with Myra. I really held onto what one of the men said during the prayer....that God would continue to show His glory through Myra's life and that she would be a living testimony of who He is. Amen!

When I got home, I shared with Mr. Prince all that had happened. I expected it to be another normal night of watching American Idol, doing therapy with Myra and relaxing with my hubby. I was wrong.

As I started to do Myra's therapy I began to notice how incredibly loose her legs were. She only has slight tone issues in her legs, but noticeable enough. I began bicycling her legs and was just about to say something to Mr. Prince. Instead, I decided to see how far they could stretch. Before tonight, with bent legs, Myra's feet could only goes as far as her belly button. I used to clap the soles of my other children's feet on the side of their faces at this age, but I had never gotten anywhere close with Myra's feet.

In that moment, with no effort at all, Myra's feet touched her mouth!

I excitedly told Mr. Prince and asked him to quickly grab the camera. Here she is...

God has done yet ANOTHER miracle in Myra's life!!

God has spoken to me so clearly during this difficult time in my life. Each time I doubted, He has reminded me of His faithfulness, of His promises, of His power, of His love. Every week at church he has spoken directly to me. Every time I open His Word, it was written just for me in that very moment. Every time I cry, He comforts me. And every time I've asked for healing, He has delivered! And I think with each and every whisper, each verse and each miracle, God continues to tell me that He's not done with Myra. His miracles haven't stopped, His plan is not complete, His full glory has not been revealed in her life. I think He knows I need the constant reminders right now. And I am thankful. Oh, so thankful! Thankful for my beautiful daughter, for this trial that is bringing me closer to Him, for my healthy children, for the friends and family who are walking this road with me holding my hand, for my supportive husband... for everything.

For Everything.

This past week I believed I was given a vision. I am still asking for confirmation of this, but I'd like to share it.

The dreamed started out with me looking at a blog where a lady had made some beautiful flowers (I know, weird). These flowers changed into new flowers over and over on the blog, and then they began to make a picture of this scene. A blue country house with a porch and a willow-type tree in the right front. It looked a lot like this:

I was standing off watching this scene thinking to myself, "This country scene is beautiful! I would love to live here!" I kept watching and the house lifted off the ground and began to spin. On the first rotation I appeared on the porch by myself. On the second rotation, Mr. Prince was standing with me. Then the house stopped and landed, and children began to run out of the back door into the backyard. I remember thinking "Is this my family?" and "Is this a vision from God?" and I began to count the children.


I didn't really recognized any of them because they were so far away. But, as soon as I counted 6 I was distracted because I saw a little boy running toward me....and he had a dark face. I remember thinking in my dream, "Is this the child I will some day adopt?" At that moment I realized I had stopped counting. There was never a definite number of children and when I looked back at the house, a neighborhood had appeared around it and I couldn't distinguish my own children from the neighborhood children. I remember thinking that I didn't have a clear picture of how many children I will some day have, but....all of a sudden I realized something.

All of the children were RUNNING....and there was no distinguishing "disability" about any of them. And I began to cry.

And when I woke up I was a little hazy and wondered in real life, "Was this a vision?" And in real life, began to cry. And, like I said, I'm still asking for continuous confirmation....but I wonder if I got a small glimpse of that confirmation tonight...

God is good.


God is Great!


Linzmcgregor said...

I will ask God to give you that dream again.

Shanna said...

I just wanted to let you know that God is not only strenthening your faith through this trial, but also the faith of us who are reading your testimony. Thank you for sharing and for having the courage to believe.