Monday, February 1, 2010

Back to the Books.....Finallyl!

Well, it's been a full 5 months and we are just starting to do school again daily. Now, that doesn't mean we didn't read together, play games, or learn new things on this break. It just means we weren't getting through "curriculum" during this time. What is curriculum for, anyway? It's a guide to teach. Well, I think my children have probably done a lot more learning about life these past few months than the 8 weeks we did "curriculum" last summer. These are just a few examples of what they have learned... to diligently pray for a loved one to make a pb sandwich by themselves (because mom was too busy with the baby)
...about the organs and how they work (as we discussed with them their baby sister's issues)
...about the brain and how amazing God's creation is
...about the community of God and how we take care of each other ("Mom, are they bringing us dinner again today?")
...about milk production if the female homo sapien and other mammals to be patient and be selfless when it is required of them to clean the bathroom to fill and empty the dishwasher
...that God is faithful in answering prayers
...that God is in control of everything in this world and man is not

So, I'm ok with that. Curriculum has its time and place. Just rolling with the punches....

But, back to work we go. Mostly because my kids LOVE school and CRAVE learning. Poor kids, they are bound to love learning with two educators as parents!

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