Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 1 DONE!

Finished with Homeschool Day 1 and completed and graded everything by 2:30pm!  Now, we aren't doing our full school schedule, but doing chores and getting back into routine is taking quite some extra time.  We got done all I had planned, so I am pleased.  Despite feeling like I'm only half ready for school this year, we had a fabulous first day!

Tomorrow we will add in flash card work, poetry and scripture memorization and our Answers in Genesis apologetics curriculum.

Next week we will add in science, history and Character Quality Language Arts.  I still have lots of planning to do with these.

First Day of School photos, unedited and unplanned....

 Boo Boo's first day of 1st grade!

Angelica Pickle's first day of 2nd grade!

Princess Pea's first day of 4th grade!
 Sid the Science Kid's first day of 6th grade!

I also made over seven phone calls this morning taking care of a few things since I've been gone three weeks.  We realized last night that our monthly order for Miracle's g-tube supplies and formula hadn't arrived yet.  We have supplies for TODAY and that's it.  They had some excuse about Medicaid changing things, but it's ridiculous UNacceptable, no matter what excuse they have.  A local branch will bring us supplies to last a few more days as they work out insurance issues, but nothing will arrive before 10:30AM tomorrow.  I will have to throw some baby food together for her morning feeding to get us through the morning.  That added some extra stress to my day! 

Had to throw in these pictures from our church's carnival yesterday, they are so cute!  I think my 10 year old is too old for face painting, but whatever.

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