Saturday, October 9, 2010

Birthday Party Fun

Well, since Myra's birthday we have had a super busy schedule. Besides the weekly homeschool, ballet, piano, soccer practice, soccer game, Wednesday night church and kids choir, physical and occupational therapy...I was trying to plan a birthday party for all three girls and get Sid the Science Kid ready for his first Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ) meet of the year.

Doesn't sound like much, but it is.

The girls' party got canceled the weekend of the 25th because I was advised to take Myra to the ER since it looked like she was starting her spasms again. Very long story short - the ER did nothing and it was a waist of my time and Myra's 1st birthday! Though, me and my friend Mandy had fun together! And, she seemed to be happy there most of the time...

She loves her new book that folds out!

Sleeping on Mandy's shoulder as we leave.

Because I wasn't home to finish last-minute preparation for the party, we canceled it that Saturday and rescheduled it for the weekend of Oct 2nd. That happened to be the same day at the first JBQ meet for Sid the Science Kid and that was a little crazy.

In the morning we went to the meet and watched two of Sid's matches, drove around to three different stores to pick up balloons (because a store closed that I usually use!), and picked up our fabulous babysitter so she could be with the girls at the party.

Side-story: While I was on my way home from getting balloons (ones I had to get while leaving all 5 kids in the car because the store was decked out in Halloween decorations) there was a man walking up and down the median of a huge intersection in the middle of the city wearing a horrific mask advertising a Halloween store! I was livid! I avoid taking my kids places the entire month of October, and now much of September, to sheild them from the horrors of Halloween. We turn off our lights and do not participate in the festivities per our own beliefs and convictions, and also to not scare my young children. Why must a store advertise with a scary mask? Why not Superman or a clown? Isn't Halloween supposed to be for children? Why can I not drive through my own city without being forced to see such garbage? Thankfully this man was walking toward my car from behind and my children did not see him walking. I was almost shaking with anger when I opened my door and asked the man to turn around and walk the other way because I have young children in the car, and that I would be contacting his manager for the grotesque way in which they were advertising. Grr, it still irks me to talk about it...

ANYway.... the party began and it was so fun! It was a Fairy Theme for all three girls...Princess Pea will be 6 at the end of October, Angelica Pickles turned 4 in May (her party was originally canceled because Myra started a steroid/immune-suppression treatment for Infantile Spasms) and Myra just turned 1 on September 24th. I had fun making tutus and head pieces for the party, but it was time consuming. And thankfully I have great friends, and even their husbands, that helped!
Myra (12 months) and cousin Avery's (3 months) tutus

That's 15 tutus from over 80 yards of tulle

Angelica Pickles fairy set she chose
Princess Pea's fairy costume

Each girl had a tutu, leafy head piece, wings and a wand to take home
I went for simple with the cake - chocolate and vanilla...

....and cupcakes!

Angelica Pickles and Princess Pea awaiting the arrival of their friends...

Friend Savannah coloring Tinker Bell pictures with Angelica Pickles

Backside of Jayden and Elle - too cute!