Friday, September 18, 2009

MFW Homeschool Week 7 Review

I made this a light week for us. Mostly for my own sanity. I started getting pretty tired the end of last week and was needing daily naps in the afternoons. So, school can now be done in 1-1.5 hours and I'm going to start cutting out some of our school subjects for a few weeks.

This week we still did bible, character training (gentleness), and history but I didn't do any formal Preschool or science. Instead we are reading lots and lots of "new baby" books together and talking about the changes that are coming to our home. The children are so excited, but I have a feeling when our "countdown" for baby ends and I'm still pregnant, they are going to be quite disappointed.

With my last baby, I couldn't find very many good books on welcoming a new baby. All the books were about the jealously of the older siblings and about how much they hate the changes the new baby brings. Why anyone would want to read a story like that to their child is beyond me. But, I was luckier this time and found a handful of good picks for my family. Here are some great "new baby" books I've found:

Big Sister Now and Big Brother Now by Sheldon - I LOVE these books, great illustrations and a cute story about how special the "big" brother and sister really are
Welcome With Love by Overend - a beautiful picture book about a homebirth
The New Baby by Mercer Mayer - explains what you can/can't do with a new baby
How You Were Born by Cole - great explanation to how a baby forms without actually teaching the birds and bees
Waiting for Baby and Talk, Baby! by Ziefert - books about waiting for baby to appear and waiting for baby to talk
Hello Baby! by Rockwell - a sweet story about a little boy being excited to bring home his baby sister
Big Brother, Little Brother by Dale - cute story about an older brother understanding his little brother
Why is This Day Special:A New Baby by Powell - how babies are welcomed in different countries and religions - edit for your preferences
Love That Baby! by Lasky - great thorough book about baby habits and very positive
Someone's Come to Our House by Appelt - sweet illustrations and a nice poem
The Baby Dances by Henderson - beautiful illustrations and discusses what babies do as they grow
What to Expect When the New Baby Comes by Murkoff - very thorough book about new babies
Hoe Kids Grow by Marzollo - great multicultural photography about a growing infant/toddler
Baby Talk by Hiatt - a sweet book about a brother understanding baby talk

So, besides working through these books the next few weeks, we continued to read more stories about the Pilgrims and started a new book called The Courage of Sarah Noble by Dalgliesh. It's another great read-aloud like Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims by Bulla. I didn't plan any projects for this weeks, and probably won't for the next few. We did finally finish our wampum necklaces from last week.

I was going to stop history and science for a few weeks, but I went ahead and planned next week to learn about Benjamin Franklin anyway. What else will we do with our time? I'm going to pick up on some Sonlight Science K for these next few weeks too, since they are short and sweet read alouds and maybe a worksheet or two for Sid the Science Kid. If I shut everything down I'll just pay more attention to the days drifting by...

Oh, the waiting.....

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