Friday, September 11, 2009

BKM week 39

Well, I am almost 39 weeks along! Looking at this picture I feel SO much bigger than I look here. And looking back at photos of myself 40 weeks pregnant with Boo Boo, I am smaller this time around. Or maybe black is just extremely slimming...??

My OB estimated my baby at 37 weeks to be only in the 13th percentile for size, so I don't have a big baby. But, my two babies that were 10 days and 14 days overdue were only 8lbs 6oz, so I just don't have big babies in general. So, I definitely expect to go overdue again this time. How long, though, I have no idea...

I really thought I would be able to figure out what gender this baby was by this time. With my two boys I gained 40 and 50+ pounds and was pretty sick in the first few weeks. With my two girls I gained 18 and 23 pounds and wasn't very sick, just minor morning sickness. This baby is NOT remaining consistent with my pattern. I was pretty sick early on with this one and I've gained just under 30 pounds. It leans itself toward maybe a boy, but I have a slight "feeling" it is a girl. So far I've thought all of my babies were gonna be boys, so I'm not that accurate with my "feelings" anyway. But, this feeling does seem stronger this time than with the last three kids. I almost knew for sure our first was a boy and never really even considered having a girl first. But, the last three were just forced guesses really. Do I have some kind of mother's intuition....who knows!

Well, still no names have been picked. We have a small running list, but I almost feel like the name isn't on the list yet. We need to make a point to talk about this more in the next week. I don't think the kids will like having a sibling without a name from the beginning. Though, we did learn that Indian babies weren't named but 2x a maybe I can incorporate school into this....ha!


Janna said...

Hope your time is close! I'm just beginning to realize how long these last three months are going to be . . . It might not be pretty. ;o) HOpe you have an awesome delivery!

Kristy said...

You look great! You are an awesome pregnant lady---you accomplish so much and I haven't heard you complain. I was not so good...
Hope you deliver soon!

Angela said...

You do LOOK great! I bet you can't wait. Praying for a safe and healthy delivery for you.

About the workboxes. I will be honest, I'm at a different place in my life, I have three children that are school age, I can't have anymore children so at this point in my life I know I'm not going to have the work of a little one, of course I remember those days and I have wondered if I would have been able to do the workboxes then, I'm not sure I could have. I had two babies only 15 months apart, now Sue starts workboxes in her home(she has many foster kids at different times) 18 months through high school- it teaches indepenedence, gives them visual aid to see how much work they have and just makes for a fun day. It takes a while to set up the system but what I did was put a box where I could put my extra things for the boxes so when I'm filling the boxes each night, I just go to the box and fill a couple of extras (my extrasa are puzzles, water painting, playdoh, most everything I already had and some I picked up at dollar bins)into the boxes or Sunday afternoon (my school planning only day) I print off some printoffs. I grade my papers while I'm emptying the boxes each day. It keeps me organized and my homeschool VERY efficient, however I could see where it would overwhelm some (especially in the beginning) and especially with a larger family. I always say, if it is overwhelming don't DO it, it is just another way to have mommy guilt and I don't believe it that, lol-we have too much on our plate anyway. You are probably a lot more organized then I am, This has helped me a great deal in that area. I have seen where larger families are doing a folder system similar and they are enjoying it(you can check out preschoolers and peace) she has a post on it. Anyway hope that helps and I'm glad you asked. That is the only way you can get an accurate picture.

Keep us posted about the baby!