Friday, September 25, 2009

Myra Annette, born Sept 24th, 5lbs 15oz 20in

Our baby girl was born two days ago by emergency c-section. She is currently in critical condition in the NICU. The doctors are saying her situation looks grave, but we are praying for a miracle. Please join us in prayer for our little Myra.

Isaiah 29:14 "Therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder..."

Once more for Myra, Lord.


Shanna said...

Oh, God, You are gracious and capable of all miracles! Please heal little Myra now and bring comfort and peace to her family. In the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus. Amen."

Praying and praying here.

Inglesidemom said...

Continuing to pray in Ohio.

Answer me when I call to you,
O my righteous God.
Give me relief from my distress;
be merciful to me and hear my prayer. Psalm 4:1

MC Peanut said...

I started reading your blog about a week ago when I was looking up colonial crafts for homeschooling (hornbooks and dolls). I noticed you were pregnant, so I decided to follow your blog to see how things went as I am due in November (and working on a full house as well, I guess!). Now, I am just believing that the Lord led me to your blog. I will be praying, as will my family and friends, and everyone at my church. My 3rd child had to be in the NICU for a couple of days with extrememly low platelets, but thanks to the grace of God (hence her middle name is Grace), her platelets rapidly rose to normal levels, with the docs saying that they didn't know what caused the drop, or what caused them to return to normal, that it was nothing that they did. God is fully capable. By the way, I love the name you picked for your little one!
From: Myra Campbell

Kristy said...


Janna said...

Was just stopping by to see if your little one had made an appearance . . . Lifting her up in prayers and your family too.

Inglesidemom said...

Continuing to pray in Ohio.