Saturday, October 10, 2009

Myra, Day 16

Well, we finally got a chance to sit down with the pediatric neurologist this afternoon to talk about the EEG and CAT scan results.

The EEG did show significant improvement from the last three. This was the first time they were able to do an EEG without sedation medication that alters results. I guess the anti-seizure meds can alter the results too, but with a "significant" improvement....I'm happy. She said compared to a "normal" brain, Myra's brain still shows mild to moderate suppression of brain waves, but that can only get better (and might be more without meds anyway). She will continue with her 3 anti-seizure meds when she comes home for now.

The CAT scan results were less helpful. The CAT scan showed that there were multiple areas of the brain affected by lack of oxygen. She said it was pretty global and that she did have many small brain bleeds that would eventually be absorbed back into her brain. She said one area where there was a lot of damage was in the back of the brain responsible for vision. BUT, she said that Myra is looking and focusing and doesn't seem to be affected even with that extent of damage to that area. How awesome! Exactly what I prayed for last night!! The plates on the top of her head are NOT fused together (another answered prayer), and they will continue to watch them and make sure her brain is growing well. So, basically she said it's a waiting game and that Paul and I would more likely tell her parts of Myra's brain that are affected as she develops, than her ever being able to explain them to us based on these tests. They will repeat a MRI when she is between 6 and 12 months and that will tell us better specific parts that seem to be affected still. Her brain has a lot of healing to do and can still make up for the damage that has been done. We will continue to pray that this damage does not affect her abilities at all. Though this report didn't give specifics, it leaves lots of room for God to do His work. And, probably having specifics at this point would only be negative anyway.

So, my next question was where we go from here. Myra is now off the cannula and doing well. They will get Dr. Smith to put in her G-tube in her stomach for her feedings and meds asap. After 48hrs they will test the G-tube and make sure all is working well and make sure Myra has recovered from the surgery, they will then take out her central line in her leg and then....she is coming HOME! In less than a week most likely!! We will have lots of training on her G-tube and meds and she will also be sent home with a heart rate/apnea monitor for a while. I can't believe she could be home 3 weeks from birth after they told us she probably wouldn't live! I was hoping she'd be home by Christmas! God has definitely surpassed my expectations!! And we are giving Him ALL the glory for Myra's recovery..and continued healing!!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all your prayers! God has been faithful and generous to our family in all this and we thank you for all your support and prayers and BELIEF in the power of our Awesome God! I have peace knowing Myra's healing is in the hands of her original Creator and knowing she'll be home soon so she can flourish and grow with her family.

Please, if you have been praying for Myra, leave the state you live in on my comments. We are keeping record of how many different areas prayers are coming from.


Anonymous said...

Yay for coming home!!

We are from NY and we will continue praying!

Janna said...

Continuing to pray in NE. What wonderful, wonderful news!!!

Jerioth said...


I am so amazed at the progress Myra has made . . . what an amazing God we serve! I have been and will continue to be praying (in Illinois) for your little sweetie :)

Inglesidemom said...

Such happy news! Our children have been so blessed to have the privilege to pray for Myra and see God answer those prayers. Us, too!

Blessings from Ohio,

MC Peanut said...

Indiana has been sending up prayers as well! This is wonderful news! Praise the Lord, for He is GOOD!
From Myra in Indiana

J-momma said...

praying in CT!

Shanna said...

Once again, we are so happy to hear of the progress Myra is making and are continuing to pray. It's quite shocking to read of the similarities between what you are going through and what we just went through with Levi. We have been told the same's just a "wait and see" game as far as what, if anything, will be affected by the brain bleeds. Right now, it seems that he only has some mild low muscle tone that is mostly only causing some reflux problems right now. It's amazing the progress these babies make so quickly!

Shanna (KY)

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I have a friend from Texas who is praying too...I forgot to tell you! Also, don't forget Mississippi(B's fam). -sarah