Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Myra, Day 28.....Homebound!

Well, Myra has been full-time breastfeeding since yesterday (though she will take a bottle a few times today while I'm celebrating Princess Pea's 5th birthday with her and Daddy visits). She is doing great and the doctors don't seem to think she needs any supplemental formula or even more milk through her g-tube other than what she is able to extract herself.

I have been bugging the doctors and nurses for a few days now to get all the details done so she can go home, and one doctor told me today it will be 24-48hrs and she will be home! Oh how nice it will be to parent my children all under one roof....though I might miss those 20 minute drives alone in the car someday.... =)


J-momma said...

i'm confused. why did the put the g-tube in if she's eating well on her own? is it for the medication? will they take it out soon?

Anonymous said...

Are you home? We've been praying for you!!!

big hugs,
Beccy (We had #3 last week - Emma Kate!!)

Shanna said...

Yea! Praising God!!

MC Peanut said...

Praise God!!!