Friday, November 20, 2009

Myra Stylin' in her New Nappies

We got Myra's BumGenius XS AIO cloth diapers in the mail this week! I had to force myself to not get all PINK because I know I will use them for other childREN. According to Mr. Prince, we are only having ONE more, but I have different plans....HA!

Isn't she so cute in them! We've used the BG one-size diapers since baby #2, but they are still huge on Myra. My other babies were 8lbs at birth and 11 or 12lbs by 1 month, so they moved into the one-size right away. Myra is still so dinky and the one-size hits her g-tube. So, anticipating buying another $100+ in diapers, we decided cloth would be better and an investment for the future. And PaPaw and Grammy were nice enough to purchase them for a "birthday" gift for Myra.

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