Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Myra Update : 8 weeks old

Myra has continued to do well these last few weeks. In a few days she will have now been home just as many days as she spent in the NICU - 30 days. These last four weeks went by a lot faster than the first four, that's for sure! And they have been much more enjoyable. =)

The children love to hold Myra. Boo Boo knows we use the Boppie to hold her, so he throws it on the floor, sits on it and then holds his arms up to hold her. He doesn't quite get why we use the Boppie when we hold her....ha!

Myra is having a lot more happy awake times than even last week. I think much of her gas issues are starting to work themselves out quickly (Praise!!). We have opted to not use the g-tube for burping so we can get it out next month (Praise!!). I think it's going better than I expected. We also have been giving her Zantac, but aren't sure if that's helping or not. I'll probably try to wean her off that in a week or so to see if her demeanor changes.

She has still had no seizures, as we wean her from her Phenobarbital. Praise God!! A seizure disorder was one thing I truly thought I could handle if it was controlled with medication, but God has continued to surpass my expectations with His Healing! Please continue to pray as she grows out of this dosage of medication, that seizures will not show up. How much easier life will be without a seizure disorder label and giving oral medications 2x a day.....

Myra's small head is of the greatest concern right now. I haven't gotten her head measured since early last week, but I personally have seen some changes in the last week. God is hearing all your prayers!! The ridge on the top of her head is starting to smooth out. I can't tell that much is changing in the back because I don't see it all the time, but so far I haven't noticed anything. It's still pretty overlapped back there. But, God has proved Himself to be All-Powerful, so we are just waiting for them to move.....expecting God to move them.

We will be starting therapy with First Steps next month. I am looking forward to getting some good advice on how to help Myra not prefer her right side. I have found that when she sleeps on me stomach to stomach, she prefers to turn her head to the left. So, I am trying to do this throughout the day to stretch out those neck muscles. Between that, positioning her on her side while sleeping, and a chiropractor, physical therapist and massage therapist, I see some great potential. Her tone issues are very slight, so I assume these will be correctly easily with a therapist.

We also have an MRI scheduled for December 8th. We had our 5th EEG done last week, too. After the 8th, I will meet with our new neurologist to discuss the tests. I really like our new neuro and look forward to hearing her opinion on Myra's current condition.

So, I am so pleased with how Myra is doing, hope you are too! God has definitely made Himself known as Creator and Healer in Myra's life. Last Sunday my pastor said...

A miracle is a strategically placed moment where God give us a tangible glimpse of His desire and ability to reorder and transform our world.

...I couldn't have said it better myself. Go God!

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Shanna said...

The doctor just prescribed zantac for Levi today for his reflux.

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