Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer Fun

Here are some fun summer photos of our family and our vacations!

These are photos from our trip to Bender Park Zoo in Battlecreek, MI. We met up with my good friend, Andrea, and her husband and three kiddos.

I wish I had copies of Andrea's family photo...

Sid the Science Kid and Princess Pea with their friend, Makia

Princess Pea and Makia, best friends!

Angelica Pickles and Graham - these two are so cute together!

Mama and Myra sporting our new summer sling!

The whole group hiding concealing eating lunch in the park...

Here are some photos from our annual trip to IL to see my parents....

Aunt Linz with Myra

A fun water day in Grandmama's backyard with some friends, Joey and Becca!
This was the first time Great Grandma Liz met Myra in person,
and Myra loved her!

Silly Myra while eating her sweet potatoes!

Can you tell she Loves them?

Myra got to meet her new friend, Mason.
They are 7 months apart but really close in size!

I think she is telling him of her plans for revenge on her doctors some day,
or something like that! He looks so surprised!

Grammy and PaPaw took the kids to the IL museum...

Sid the Science Kid loved the human anatomy toys and puzzles.
Here I have all my organs in place, kidneys in back and all!

Boo Boo had to try it, too!

Sid and Angelica Pickles did the bone puzzle together while Boo Boo watched

I found a matching dress for Myra that matched the girls' dresses
I bought earlier in the summer!

Boo Boo wanted to be included in a photo!

Grandmama had a good friend who took the kids out on a speed boat!

Ready for boating!
(Yes, Boo Boo is in PINK! All life jackets were borrowed!)
Ready for take off!

Daddy and Boo Boo

Myra got to explore grass for the first time in IL....

Loving the lashes here...and the relaxed attitude...
Well, those are the highlights of July!


Shanna said...

Oh, baby feet are so adorable! Looks like you had a fun July!! (And I love the sling!)

Also, I wanted to let you know, I just gave you a blog award. :o) You can see it here:

JP said...

Beautiful pics of a beautiful family!