Friday, August 27, 2010

My Father's World and More Homeschool

Last year we started Adventures in My Father's World (2nd/3rd grade) for our history, part of science and some of our bible. I added in my own science with Sonlight Science K and my own bible stuff, too. Sid was an advanced 2nd grader last year and Princess Pea in K sat in all the read alouds and did much of the notebooking. I started school just 7 weeks before Myra was born in September, thus only getting through 7 weeks of MFW. Over the next year, with all of Myra's special needs, doctor appointments and lack of schedule and sleep, I only made it through weeks 8-10 in MFW, and I didn't do much extra with them besides the book basket. We focused on bible, character training, math and reading and did minimal spelling, science and language.

So, I am starting in full swing again this year and am tackling all the subject areas, starting this week. We did MFW history week 11 last week, mostly just the reading. I have jumbled up the science in MFW, bulking their weeks together to make open weeks to add in Sonlight Science K because I think MFW science is pretty minimal for my taste. So, the science we do rarely is on the correct corresponding week. So, please know that if you decide to follow my MFW posts.

So, I'll be back to posting each of my MFW weeks and sharing all my ideas with you. I won't be doing as many projects this year as I did those first 7 weeks last year, due to time restraints with a special needs baby, but I always try to spice things up as much as I can in school. I want them to enjoy and remember history, because I never did. But, in case you are just joining me, here are my old MFW posts for weeks 1-7.

MFW weeks 1&2, Ericsson & Columbus
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MFW week 5, Pilgrims
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MFW week 7, Pioneers

Again, 8-10 wasn't really recorded and we did minimal work and just read through the suggested reading and some book basket books.

So, onto weeks 11 & 12!

Week 11: Last week we studied President Washington. I hadn't yet added in formal character training (but there is daily character training going on around here as kids learn to work together and get along), a Preshcool theme or science until week 12. So, there isn't much to share for this week. Our best book basket book was the Landmark book on George Washington. My kids love those Landmark books! I planned to do the bird studying on the correct weeks for MFW, but I currently can't find my Birds, Nests and Eggs book...

This week (MFW week 12) we are studying the first 4 ratified states (Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia), African Elephants in Preschool (her choice), Selfishness for character training and a quick overview of seasons and weather in science (still haven't found my bird book for MFW science).

Here are our book basket books for MFW history week 12. Since we are only covering a state each day, I didn't want to overwhelm the kids with books and facts. Two were short, informative books and the state alphabet series books had some great pictures and fun facts.

Sid the Science Kid had one chapter book to complete this week,
Cornstalks and Cannonballs
Princess Pea working on her state page for Delaware...
I was impressed with how well she did copying the pictures!
Sid did just as well on his, too!

The Liberty bells we made on Pennsylvania day with real bells!

I completely forgot to photograph Grandma K's peach pudding we made on Georgia day....ooops! It wasn't as good as Grandma's, but the kids enjoyed it!

These are our Preschool books for the week on African Elephants. I usually read one nonfiction and one fiction book each day for Preschool and then we have activities most days. This week I'm just easing back into full-time school, so we nixed much of the extra activity stuff for the sake of just making it through the week and getting it all done. She will have more activities as we move along.
Here are our science books for the week. I have the worksheets and books for all of Sonlight Science K, but never purchased the weekly plans. I figured I could wing it without paying the extra $50-$60. So far the kids are learning a ton and enjoying science. Again, we usually have lots of activities with science, but it's a little dry this week for our first full week back.
And some random photos from the week...

Myra assumes her normal position while I work on school at the table with the kids. Princess Pea finds it amusing to hold a baby the same way...silly girl.
If she is not sleeping or doing therapy, Myra is often a happy little girl sitting in her high chair with us at the table. She loves the crinkles on this banana toy, can you tell? Play therapy!
Sid the Science Kid practicing piano. Notice the little mini-me?
Myra zonked in her swing....she never does this!
(Her bear in her arms thanks to Angelica Pickles...)
I can never read a book to just one kid anymore...
Notice the finger in the nose? Lovely....
After nap time, Sid shares a book with Boo Boo one day.
Can we all say Awwwwe!
When Daddy gets home he is always bombarded
with books now that school has started.
But, my favorite project of the week was this...

For Princess Pea's A Reason for Handwriting, she writes out a bible verse on special paper at the end of each week in her best handwriting. This was her first week to make one and I have posted a picture of her practice page and her final page below. I think she is doing well for the first formal handwriting book she's used and only being a few weeks into the program. I let her decide who she wants to gift her verse page to and this week she decided on our new neighbor! He moved in a few weeks ago, but we haven't formally met him yet. We decided to make an extra pan of peach pudding for him on Friday and bring him a welcoming dessert and this verse page. It was an awesome experience for the kids! I forgot to take pictures of them with their peach pudding, verse page and the picture Sid the Science Kid drew of our houses side by side. The two guys seems amused, and one had a daughter, so they didn't think we were completely insane bringing over our 5 kids and giving them a bunch of stuff. I think we will have a better relationship with this neighbor than any others so far. And, we also shared Christ together as a family for the first time. Awesome.

See ya next week!

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Rachel said...

wow! did she freehand copy those? that is amazing!!! i see art in her future :o) anyway, i love the handwriting assignment. that is cool. is that what the whole system is? sometime when we get a mommy moment maybe i can pick your brain about what you like and don't like about different textbooks you've chosen. right now i'm just reading two books on homeschooling that i picked up from the library. one is on the different types of homeschooling and the other is on special needs homeschooling (mostly learning disabilities and ADD but good thoughts in general anyway). thanks for sharing!