Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New School Room....sort of...

So, I rearranged my living and dining room the other day. I haven't rearranged my living room....ever. And my dining room has always changed as we added or took away a changing table or high chair or added another book shelf. So, I'm sure it won't stay this way forever, but I'm liking the change so far!

The dining room is basically our school room. My office is where our school stuff is stored, but there isn't anywhere to work there but a small desk for quiet independent work. I have posted on organizing my office before here. But, I got in a 'mood' and went to work picking up the room and reorganizing everything. I still have some details to work on, like getting new preschool toys out, but I'll get to that later.

View into our dining school room from our living room. The shelf is the kids' main bookshelf, the colored bins next to it are their school book bins and the fancy diaper box on the floor is where we keep our coloring books. On the window sill are Princess Pea's Bob books for easy access but away from the little kids, our globe, our kid bibles and boombox. Yes, I just said boombox!

(Do not look at the folding chair we have at the table for my seat. Or the mismatch of chairs. Or the broken chair on the end that is my husbands. We are pretty hard on chairs, huh?)

Here is our main bookshelf. (Both the girls' room and boys' room have shelves, too.) The top shelf holds all my plans, daily read alouds, worksheets, teacher manuals and such for school, along with their notebooks and file folders. 2nd shelf is beginning readers for Princess Pea and chapter books for Sid. 3rd shelf is pictures books for all ages. 4th shelf is board books and baby books for Boo Boo and Miracle Myra. Hanging on the left are our Helping Habit notecards you can read about here.

Here is the other side of the table. It has our toy bookshelf, mostly preschool toys and puzzles for all ages, and our toy box. On the wall is my monthly calendar, colors and above near the ceiling is the alphabet.

Look to the right and you'll find our flag, bible verses, family rules, baby calendar and 10 commandments on the wall. Other things will go up here as we get to them this year. We have a timeline for the other wall, but I need to remake it to make it last longer.

This is new....our listening corner! My kids love listening to Annie's soundtrack, Magic Tree House books, the bible on tape and other picture books on tape. I just purchased a handful at our library book sale and plan to still borrow them from week to week. Yes, we put those diaper boxes to use! We use cloth diapers, so they are valuable when we have them! Ha!

That's it! Change is good!

When Angelica Pickles came downstairs after bedtime last night she said, "Do we have a new house?" Too funny! Yes, my dear, we do!


Amy said...

Good for you! It is always so fun and inspiring to work in a new, neat, organized area! FUN!!!

Linzmcgregor said...

Organizing is my favorite past time. And walking the office supply isles. Glad you shared.