Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Changes in the Home

We've had a busy last few weeks!

Mr. Prince and I attended a wedding the weekend of our 7th anniversary. It was a beautiful wedding that the bride did mostly herself. I always love going to weddings around our anniversary. I forgot to get a picture of myself and Mr. Prince, so you only get one of me and BKM. We went to Red Lobster afterward and finally used a gift-certificate that I had recieved for my birthday last year! This is one of the maternity dresses I got off of E-bay.

Grandmama, my mother, came into town for the weekend. The klan has been asking about her and Poppie for weeks now. We had an adventurous weekend and went to see the butterfly exhibit at the Conservatory and went to the Children's Zoo. We also went garage saling and got Angelica Pickles a small bike with training wheels for $5, many more school books and Mr. Prince TWENTY-SIX dress shirts and t-shirts! We even tried to re-arrange the furniture, but MommyK was stubborn and put it all back. It was a good weekend! I only have pictures of the Conservatory because I forgot my camera at the zoo.

Sid the Science Kid started Clubhouse on Monday and it's going OK. I went to school with him on Monday to observe and determine whether or not I wanted him to continue in the program. Although I don't like him being gone so much of the day, right now we are allowing him to attend. I like his teachers and leaders and I think it's a good program with character building and things he hasn't experienced much of before like chess, art and music classes. He got into some trouble today with a few boys not keeping their hands to themselves, so if that continues he won't go back. Right now we have told him to stay away from the little boy he had the interaction with (they had problems with this child last year and he has ADHD) and we are making all the teachers aware that we want them separated for the entire span of clubhouse. We'll see how the rest of the week goes...

I went to a used homeschool curriculum sale today and added many more books to my collection. This motivated me to organize our bookshelves in the office, the ones that have needed some organization for YEARS! We have four full-size bookshelves packed full, believe it or not. We are teachers....what do you expect? And, I am a garage sale junkie... So, here are the two shelves I have completed. You can't really tell, but I have this all organized into sections.

Top shelf: Pooh, Disney/Golden, Character building books
Second shelf: Non-fiction history and science and Faith-based books
Third shelf: Early readers for Princess Pea, books for Sid the Science Kid to read that I have picked, Dr. Seuss, Franklin, other small collections like the If You Give A Mouse a Cookie series etc, and picture book read alouds
Fourth shelf: picture book read alouds
Fifth shelf: Baby books and board books

This next shelf is my homeschool book shelf. Don't mind the piled-high laundry basket.
Top shelf: Teacher resources, parenting/homeschool books
Second shelf: Books by groupings like Eric Carle, Thanksgiving, Christmas, ABC books, Math concept books, Winter, etc.
Third shelf: current curriculum I am using for the children including extra help books to reference
Fourth shelf: games
Fifth shelf: Math manipulatives and other teaching aids like letter tiles, flash cards, etc.

Yes, this basically took a good part of my afternoon and evening time. I still have two shelves to go!

THIS is what I've gotten rid of! Not to mention the trash bag full of garbage...

GrandmaK watched the girls and Boo Boo while I went to the used curriculum sale and instead of giving them stickers like she often does, she made them each a skirt! The girls wore them proudly all night long.


Kristy said...

Wow, that book shelf is full and very organized!! Hope it stays that way, mine never does. I would have never noticed the laundry, it blends in to what I am used to.

Mommy K said...

They WILL stay nice because the children are not ALLOWED to touch them!!! =)