Thursday, June 4, 2009

I HATE Pro Fed: The Woes of a Pregnant Mom of Four

Ok, I called Pro Fed this morning to get a load payoff amount for our Chrysler Town & Country. They gave me the amount, but told me if I didn't have cash or a cashier's check, I couldn't not get my title right away. So, unfortunately, I had to add to my already three-stop errand run going to another bank! Annoying. It was pouring rain and I had four kids with me and my big prego belly. No use using an umbrella...

So, I go to Chase, wait 5 min or so for the people who were parked in the two-car lot to move and ended up having to park far away and run my kids through the rain. Grrrr! I get my cashier's check and three suckers for the Klan (I HATE suckers) and run through the rain again. Boo Boo looked at me confused the whole time. I was drenched by the time I got to the car and the Klan's jeans were soaked half way up their ankles.

We arrived at Pro Fed and thankfully got a close spot. Only a little wet this time. The Klan plays while the man pays off my loan. When he hands me my receipt and says "good day" I question him where my title was. He told me they would send it in the mail in 12 to 15 days!!!!!!!!


Didn't I just run through the pouring rain with four little ones and a big belly in order to LEAVE WITH MY TITLE?!

I was NOT happy, to say the least. I only have so much energy to get me through the day and Pro Fed just took half of it! I want to call them and tell them they suck, but not sure that would do anything.

So, here I am....complaining to YOU!


G.L.H. said...

I'm sure your title was not being stored at that facility, dearie! However, I usually get my titles in two or three days, maybe you will too!

So, is the Silver Bullet all yours?

Mommy K said...

Well, I have never paid off a car before, so how was I supposed to know that? And WHY would she have told me over the phone I couldn't get my title without specific funds. My check would definitely have gone through in a day or two, so it wouldn't have mattered... Annoying!

G.L.H. said...

The reason for the cashier's check is that in the 2-3 days your check would take, more interest would accrue, and you would end up owing another $1.34 or some such silly amount. THAT would be annoying! (voice of experience)