Friday, June 26, 2009

Garage Sales are Grrrrrrrrrreat and Pedicure Friday

I had some good finds today! Unfortunately I know not all of the association sales were up because it's Friday, but I won't be able to go tomorrow because of Sid the Science Kid's soccer tournament.

So, here they are:

**2 shirts for Mr. Prince (one not pictured because I forgot it in the car) $1
**3 shirts for Boo Boo $2
**Running shoes for Mr. Prince $2
**Next size (4) soft sandals for Boo Boo $1
**Black purse for me $.50
**Singer "mending" portable sewing machine like new $6 (This will be great for my sewing nights with my friend Cherry, and to bring for all those friends of mine that want me to teach them to sew! My 20-some pound Singer is getting difficult to lift these days.)

Find of the Day (not pictured):
**3 tents (2 that zip together that will hold 6-10 people and another dome one that holds 6-8) $21.75

I literally had $21.75 on me and the guy was selling them for $30, and he took it! He had them both standing and they were in great condition - even the floors on the inside were clean! One of the cross bars needs the elastic put back in, but that's not a big deal and will function without it, too. Hey, backyard adventures are coming! And, if my parents get sick of us visiting next month, we can camp out back if needed...HA!

Garage sales are overall more expensive this year. Because of the economy, people want more for their stuff. Not that some items aren't worth what they are asking, but I am used to spending no more than $.25 to $.50 on a piece of clothing and no more than $5 at an individual sale. I did negotiate on everything I purchased today and got half off or more (besides the tents), believe it or not.

I couldn't resist showing my cutie Boo Boo. He was asking "please" for his drink. He did excellent in the car while I was shopping today and fell asleep on the way home, along with both of his sisters! I gave him a hair cut a few days ago. It's a shorter version of Zac Efron...

It's Friday, which means it is Pedicure Day at our house! The girls adore having their nails painted. Princess Pea has copied Mr. Prince's and Sid the Science Kid's bad habit of biting her nails. So, to deter her from biting, I told her every Friday I would paint her nails if they are growing out and she doesn't bite them. It actually works! So, here we are with our beautiful feet!

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Shanna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It seems like we have a lot in common and your blog looks wonderful! My boys are"patiently" play on the computer so I'm in a rush...but you mentioned you sell baby slings and such and I was just wondering if you have website?