Monday, June 29, 2009

Why I Hate Unions Rant...

So, my husband is a teacher. He's expected to join the union. In general, they seem like a good idea. They are supposed to protect the teachers from false accusation and unfair treatment and they fight for salary raises and benefit options. Sounds good, right?

Well, what does paying $3000 into a union over the course of five years do when the union does nothing to protect your job?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

My husband is being threatened and treated unfairly by his principle, but the union says they can do nothing! They advised him to find a position elsewhere! Where the heck did my $3000 go??

I've always said that we shouldn't join the union, but my husband disagrees. He thinks he needs protected as a male teacher from false accusations of harm or abuse because of how today's society is. I think we shouldn't make decisions out of fear. I think we should trust that God will take care of us and not leave it in the hands of some organization to protect us if false accusations should arise. What are the chances anyway? And they aren't protecting us, so where has it gotten us?

$3000 less.

That's it.

Unions suck.

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