Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Soccer Tournament, Birthday Party and Church Fun Fest

We had a busy weekend! At 9am Saturday morning we set off for Sid the Science Kid's soccer tournament. This was an 8 or 10 week program, and something we will not return to. The "coach" had never played soccer, most of our practices were rained out or we had conflicts, and Sid's team started out with 8 kids and ended with 4. It was just not well organized and too much money for what we got. The tournament was a one game elimination.

Anyway, we started out with 3 players for the first game. In other games we used a younger sibling to play goalie when we were short a player. Because this was a tournament, the other team did not want to allow anyone else on the field. But, they were also not courteous enough to play only 3 players, and played 4. I was secretly glad we beat them 2-0. Our fourth player joined us some time in the second quarter of the game. But, prior to that the three boys did great even without a goalie. The second game we won again 4-1. We started out with only three players again, too. Game 3 we won again and the boys were psyched! We were going to play in the championship game...I was somewhat shocked. But, they were playing really well. Here Sid the Science Kid is saying they've won 3 games:

The championship game they played a full game. The first three games they played only 2 quarters. Our boys were so tired at this point. They had been in the sun all morning long, at over 85 degrees. Most of the other teams has 6 and 7 players, so they also got breaks from playing time. Our boys played every minute of every game. They were dragging. Mr. Prince said they looked like they were in the fourth quarter of a boxing match. But still, they were winning 3-0 going into the third quarter. The second half of the game they just couldn't take it. They couldn't run, they couldn't concentrate. Our coach asked if we could cut the game short, but they wouldn't. Exausted, they gave up 3 goals and it was tied in the last few seconds of the game. At this point you almost didn't want to watch them because you felt so bad for them! Last 10 seconds our goalie had a kick and didn't drop back into the goal to protect it. They scored and the whistle blew. They lost 4-3. Thankfully they didn't care, they were so exausted. They also didn't do anything special for the champions, which I personally thought was a little silly. Everyone got a trophy, which is great, but the champions should get something, right? Yeah, I'm a more competitive person, but not the the extent of yelling at my 5 year old to "get their head in the game" or "run faster" like these other parents were!! Sid really enjoys soccer, so we will find a better program next spring.

Sunday we went to a birthday party for a friend of the girls. They had water fun outside most of the time. Princess Pea and Angelica Pickles had never been on a slip-n-slide, so that was fun to watch.
They also had a pinata, which was hilarious to watch them try to hit it.

Later that evening we had a Family Fun Fest at our church. We started with the water games and Boo Boo really enjoyed getting drenched by this one stream of water.

Later he was examining grass and even went for a taste once. Toddlers are so funny!

I cannot believe they did this, but they let little kids rock climb!! Sid the Science Kid was so excited! Angelica Pickles begged to go too, but her weight wouldn't allow her to come down with the electric machine working the ropes. She didn't weigh enough, and her legs were too short anyway. Sid the Science kid made it up a little ways, but got stuck where a lot of kids did. He did great, though! I didn't rock climb until I was an adult!

It was a packed weekend, but the kids had a blast. By the end of Sunday evening they were all in tears because they were so exhausted from being in the sun and water. I can't wait until they are older and can handle days like this a little better. We really do try to limit their activities to not overwhelm them, but skipping naps on a day like that just doesn't work.

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J-momma said...

yeah but i bet they slept great! that's what i love about long days outside.