Saturday, September 4, 2010

MFW Homeschool Week 13 Review

We have a shortened school week this week because we are going to a wedding out of state this weekend. But, I tried to get as much done as possible. Crafts were nixed due to time constraints, but I promised the kids we would do more in the months to come.

This week we studied Connecticut, Maryland, South Carolina and Massachusetts in history, more weather in science focusing on thunderstorms and the water cycle and one day on earthquakes, kindness/compassion in character training and ballet in Preschool, at the request of Angelica Pickles (both girls start classes soon).

Character training books this week.
I love this series by Gary and Jan Bowers (Tessa's Treasures). I met Gary at a homeschool convention this spring and bought both of his book series you can see here and here. I also have two posters now of some paintings Jan Bowers did. They are adorable. My favorite is called Five Messy Faces and shows 3 girls and 2 boys eating children's favorite treat in the whole world. These books are going to be some of my kids' favorite books over the years.

Short, concise books for each state and a few fun stories for history.
Dr. Seuss was born in Massachusetts and we learned about his childhood this week.
For the states, I am mostly trying to get the kids to remember the nicknames for the states, which is a challenge for me, too! They already know the state bird and flower for IL, IN and MI.

Science books, in addition to The Usborne Internet-Linked Children's Encyclopedia.
I am truly amazed at how much my children retain and understand. Before even starting these books, I asked my 5 year-old what makes rain and she explained the water cycle to me completely! I know we did seasons and weather a little last year (when she was 4), but I don't think I understood the water cycle completely until I was much, much older.

Preschool ballet books....
Angelica Pickles and Princess Pea Loooooved these books!
And the girls had their ballet outfits on much of the week, too.

Here is Sid the Science Kid's fun reading books for this week. The Akimbo series stemmed from our read aloud last week in Preschool (Akimbo and the Elephants). Apparently he liked Akimbo's adventures!

I heard one lady talk years ago about how much reading she has to do to pre-read every book her child reads. I thought I would do the same. I love kids books, both my husband and I are teachers, I read fast and I want to know what my kids are reading. Well, it's impossible. For me, at least. I would love reading through all those books and enjoying the stories like my kids, but I just don't have the time. But, that doesn't mean I don't know what my kids are reading. My son reads, literally, faster than my husband and as fast as me. And if you know me, I read fast. He whips through one of these chapter books in just an hour or two. And he will sit down and read a few at a time. He is an avid reader and I would never be able to keep up. Unless I slowed him down, of course. So, instead, I read reviews online, research series, ask other parents and skim multiple chapters of each book. And, because he can narrate every detail back to me, I don't think I'll ever miss a detail! *smile*

I am always looking for more books and series for him to read, too. So, if you have any ideas, send them my way! He reads about a 4th/5th grade, but obviously mentally can't handle a lot of books in that reading level because he is only 7, which makes book choosing difficult. Some of his favorite books are the Magic Tree House series, Boxcar Children series, Magic School Bus chapter books, a Donald Duck comic book (not sure of other appropriate comics out there), E.B. White books, Ralph S. Mouse series, Ramona series, Henry Huggins series, Flat Stanley series and we will be starting the Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing series soon. He reads other books, too, just loves reading series!

Looking forward to the weekend!

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