Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Safety Village

Well, our first field trip of the school year was to a place called Safety Village where kids learn how to be 'expert pedestrians'. The sign literally said something about keeping our kids safe so they make it into adulthood....ha! It was a pretty good program. The lady was slightly winded and there were little visual aids before they got into the mini village, but then again, I am a teacher and always nitpick that kind of stuff. Hence the reason why I'm homeschooling! Classroom teachers would haaate me...

Anyway, they had a little class about how to check if the street was safe to walk across. "Look left, look right, look left....are we safe? Yes!" And how to cross the street at a corner. "Look left, look right, look behind, look foward....are we safe? Yes!" They had parents act out scenarios (chasing a dog, ball or paper) and also watched a video of kids crossing the street to get to the park across the neighborhood.

Then they went on a walk around the mini village. They saw McDonald's, Pizza Hut, church, the Police department, General Electric (downtown in our city), a fire station and even a train! The village is truly adorable. They crossed streets, watched street signs and perfected their pedestrian skills. They even took a little test to see if they remember all the rules.

Sid the Science Kid with his partner, Elissa, trying to amuse Boo Boo.

Passing Pizza Hut and McDonald's
(Princess Pea and Angelica Pickles are the 3rd pair)

Our police officer lady guide.

McDonalds and the train

Wal-mart and Lassus Handy Dandy...Ha!
Church school and Pizza Hut

Police Department, complete with jail!
Stopping before crossing the railroad tracks.

Then...the fun began!

They got to ride 4 wheelers around the city! They didn't have to pay attention to the street lights, I was a little bummed about that. But, many had trouble just steering the bikes and staying on the right side of the road, so it was probably best.

Boo Boo riding with 'Officer Sid'

Princess Pea's 1st time on a 4 wheeler, she did pretty good!

Angelica Pickles struggling to go forward. She kept getting distracted by other kids. And she wouldn't take her foot off the pedal when she wanted to stop. Didn't get the connection. Got my feet run over a few times. Baby in the sling, toddler by my side...she had to get off. It was fun for the two seconds she was on it, though!

Officer Sid picked up Angelica Pickles after we decided it was safer for her to ride along

Very unique program, so I'm thankful we had the opportunity to go!


blessedmommie said...

That looks like such a fun place for little ones! It looks like you had a fun day.

J-momma said...

that's so funny. we are so obsessed with cars at my house that my 1.5 yr old rides a 4-wheeler by herself. and my 4 year old rides a big zooped up 4-wheeler weaving in and out of cars. it makes visitors nervous but i always tell them he's never crashed into anything... by accident. lol!

Mo said...

Awesome place, what a super idea for little kiddos!