Monday, September 6, 2010

Myra's Fall Wardrobe

Well, Myra is still so tiny at just under 12lbs, she fits into all of her fancy winter dresses from last year shown here. So, I don't need more church clothes quite yet! But, she only had one jacket/pants outfit last year and her legs are too long for 0-3 months now! And too small for a cloth diaper... World, we are moving up in sizes at almost 1 year old! Her onesies are all still newborn and 0-3 months, though. I've never gotten so much use out of baby clothes! So, I decided that with her g-tube (that we are currently only using to stretch her stomach after nursing), layers are best. If her tube leaks onto her onesie, it's much easier to just change the onesie than the whole outfit.

Thus, her new wardrobe....

I loved the jacket/pant outfit we had last year. I'm a little concerned these might be too warm, being that 3 of them are fleece, but we'll just have to see. I plan to buy maybe 2 more cotton or valuer ones that are a little lighter like the one on the far right side.

UNfortunately, Myra will still fit into the newborn hats I crocheted last year. I love them, but I'd much rather have her head be larger.

I've also been wanting a pair of those little 80's tapered leggings for Myra to wear under dresses and long tops, and I finally found a pair!

These are purple and will only work under this dress, but I plan to use them as a pattern to make a pair of brown ones out of a pair of cotton pants she has. Most of her dresses are brown and will be slightly shorter than last year, so this will be perfect! I also bought some cream leg warmers to wear in lieu of tights. These will be nice so I can take them on and off quickly so she doesn't get overheated in the sling or wrap.

So cute!

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G.L.H. said...

Ultra cute ideas for an ultra-cute girlie!