Sunday, August 23, 2009

MFW Homeschool Week 3 Review

We finished learning about Columbus this week and moved onto learning about Pocahontas, John Smith and Jamestown and did a few fun projects I wanted to share.

I found this page on comparing Columbus' childhood to your own childhood, so each of the children made a notebook page of comparison. The children found it amusing that Columbus was also taught at home like them and that his mother was also a homemaker. Although, Sid the Science Kid on his own wrote down that I was the "baker" before I defined what a homemaker was. =)

We also made our own Coat of Arms after learning about Columbus'. Daddy also made one for them to look at, too. Here are the kids':

Sid the Science Kid's quadrants included his family (color-coded by girl/boy with the new "baby" having both pink AND green letters - can we say perfectionist?), sports, the world (because he's obsessed with the solar system and geography) and a cross "because he's a christian."

Princess Pea's quadrants were a picture of Jesus (top left), herself in ballet shoes pictured with the new baby, a boy quadrant and a girl quadrant. Obviously family is important to her!

The kids really enjoyed the stories of Pocahontas, the Powhatan Indians, John Smith and the Jamestown settlement. I purchased these Powhatan Indian Toob figures this week and they have had a blast with Pocahontas and Chief Powhatan. I also had these other Indian and Englishman figurines (we have a ton more than pictured) I found last year when they were learning about Johnny Appleseed that we got out again, and it's been their favorite toys all week.

I also found this Jamestown replica at Homeschool in the Woods that we had fun putting together. They put their Englishmen on the inside and their Indians on the outside and play Jamestown. Though, the people are as large as the houses...they don't seem to mind!

We watched a number of videos on Columbus and Pocahontas this week, too. So now, Angelica Pickles at 3 can tell you quite a bit about the history of these characters, too.

The kids were sick Thursday and Friday, so we did little school those days. We made up some of the reading this weekend, so Monday we should be able to finish last week's read alouds and start up on the North American Indians. I'm excited for this week!! I think we have 1-2 projects every day!

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Days full of learning! Precious!