Saturday, August 29, 2009

3 Weeks Until Baby....maybe.....

Well, I am now 37 weeks along. These last two months have gone by fast! Mr. Prince is back to work, school is on a roll and life is basically back to normal....for a few more weeks until the new baby arrives! I've been racking my brain trying to think of things I need to do before baby comes, but haven't had much luck coming up with much....

Until this week!

Now I have a massive to-do list and my nesting has finally kicked in. I'm not so much on a cleaning kick like I was with our last baby (I actually hired someone to clean our house for 10 hours!) but I'm on an organizing kick. There are some major areas of clutter, in my opinion, that need to be reorganized. Then, there are the basic things you have to do with every new arrival, like clean clothes and get the car seat ready. So, here is my current to-do list. One is for me and one is for my husband. I have always been overdue, so we probably have more than 3 weeks to get these things done, but I generally like everything done at least a week before I'm technically due.

MommyK's list
Finish bills for Sept early and reorder dentist payment checks from insurance
Finish making Cherry's diaper bag that is now 9 months overdue
Purchase small stool for new nursing chair
Get clothes, car seat, swing, bouncy seat, bassinet from attic/basement and clean
Organize changing table drawer
Get new dresser from garage and move Boo Boo's clothes in with Sid the Science Kid's
Collect supplies for homebirth
Make an upstairs diaper basket for nighttime
Clean crib sheets and put on bumper pads
Finish Boo Boo's baby book (a goal of mine before each new arrival is to finish the previous baby book)
Finish Boo Boo's brag book (a weekly photo of him through 6 months - I have one for each kid)
Organize bathroom cabinets
Organize foyer closet
Organize mess in mudroom (laundry room - our junk door broke and it's all over the floor in there)
After baby: make new nursing blankets, add gender fabric to wrap and make a new gender specific sling

Mr. Prince's list
Clean shower thoroughly
Get dresser from garage
Fix Saturn muffler and vacuum
Move fan to master bedroom from girls' room
Fix broken window
Mow and work on overgrown vines in yard

Oh, and on both lists...NAMES!! We seriously have had a few light conversations about names and that's it. We really need to sit down and discuss them. Angelica Pickles was named when she was almost 7 days overdue, but we did have a different name picked out prior to that. So, we aren't really quick at picking out names, but I also don't want a baby without a name for a few days either! The pressure is bad enough as it is!

Mr. Prince actually did a lot this weekend. He fixed the dryer and upstairs toilet with his dad and put my railing back up on the stairs. He's fixing the muffler tomorrow. I reorganized our kitchen cabinets and the girls' closet, which has the girls' clothes, mine and Mr. Prince's (a walk-in). So, all in all a successful Saturday. More to do tomorrow!

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