Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MOTH schedule gone, Block schedule takes over

Well, I had this great Managers of Their Homes schedule all figured out. It really looked good on paper... But, it didn't live out in real life. Either our breakfast ran late or preschool ran over or we didn't use the whole 30 min for science. No matter what it was, it was never done at the "allotted" time. Did it matter...no. Not exactly. But, my goals seem much more attainable with routines and a list for a morning block and an afternoon block. No more looking at the clock, except to know when to start lunch. Maybe later when I have multiple kids in school will 30 min increment works, but for now this will do better. So, here is my revised block schedule with similar goals to my now "old" MOTH schedule that I listed here:

Morning Routine
Shower and devotions for Mommy
Breakfast/Vitamins, Preschool Bible Story read, Clean up/Helping Habits
Brush Teeth, Calendar/Rules, Pledge, ABC Bible Verse review
Preschool Time with Brynnan

Block 1

Bible and Character Training
MFW Science
Book Basket for History
Outside play time or Nature Walk

Lunch Routine
Helping Habits/Tidy house
Lunch and Read Aloud
Patriotic song review

Block 2

MFW History
Bob Books/Reading Instruction
All About Spelling
Independent Work

What is nice is that our school does not take the full 2-2.5hr blocks. It's laid back. So, if I want to do bible and character training and then take a break to catch up on the dishes, I can. Well, as long as my kids are willing to take a break from school! This schedule will go more smoothly with a new baby, too. I have more of a checklist to get done before lunch and before dinner. And, it also allows for spontaneous teaching and play.

So, here we go again...another change of plans. I'm finding out this homeschooling thing is not as easy as I thought to create a routine and plan and stick with it. I already have curriculum changes for next year, organizational changes daily and now schedule revamps, and I'm only a few weeks into school! How much more will a new baby flip over my whole world?!


J-momma said...

love the new pictures! but where did your youngest daughter get those blond curls? adorable!

Shanna said...

Hey there! Luckily, I think we're pretty much ready for baby #7 around here. I can't think of much that needs to be done that can't be done on a whim...wash some clothes, bring the bassinet out of storage, etc. We started our homeschool year back in June right after we finished last year in May. So we've been homeschooling all summer to get ahead. We are going to break completely (except for co-op) during Sept. and Oct. We are definitely looking forward to the break! I'm really bad about pregnancy photos...I always gain more weight than I intend to and conveniently avoid all photo sessions. :o) Praying for a happy and healthy third trimester for you!

G.L.H. said...

Don't be discouraged. I don't know if you remember that I told you that it took me four or five years with N&J to feel like I was in a stride. Keep tweaking! Good for you that you change things as soon as you see they are not working.

(by the way, when I did MOTH, I had HUGE chunks of time that were marked OPEN. I just couldn't schedule us down to the minute...)

Ginger said...

This is SO good to know. I have been contemplating getting MOTH for some time now and never have brought myself to purchase it. You're the 2nd person lately that has led me to think it may not be the book for me afterall. The other person that I talked to (she is already pretty organized) said, "Don't try to fix what aint broke." Haha... I love your blog!!!! It is so nice to meet you!