Monday, August 31, 2009

MFW Homeschool Week 4 Review

I've jumbled up MFW's plans a lot so far. We are on week 5 for science and bible and are on week 4 for history. I've combined much of MFW science into full 5-day weeks and am adding Sonlight science between MFW weeks. The kids crave science! So, this week we are learning about the sun and stars, how Jesus is the light of the world, Obedience and about North American Indians. In Preschool, Angelica Pickles is learning about Frogs. We are a few days behind due to 3 school days of sickness, but hope to catch up by the end of next week.

The kids are really enjoying the hands-on projects, so I packed them in this week. There were just too many fun ideas for Indians! I had to only pick a few or I would have gone nuts. We made the Tepees and Wigwams that MFW suggested, along with some paper Indian dolls, an Indian rainstick and a doll outfit for Princess Pea's 18" knock-off American Girl doll. We also did some fun games using Indian sign language and teaching Boo Boo more signs for different animals and made some Indian letters using picture words. Sid the Science Kid did a little book report on Small Wolf by Benchley that he read himself. I ended up writing it out, but he drew an awesome picture! Here are some photos of our Indian week:

The kids really have enjoyed all their Indian toys this week and almost every morning our table is covered with tepees, wigwams and Indian battles. Either that, or Pocahontas and John Rolfe's adventures together.

I can't take the credit for this idea, but this is the cheapest American Girl doll outfit EVER! It's all made from paper bags! I honestly can't find the site to give them the credit, but if anyone wants directions on how to make it, I can send them along. Princess Pea LOVED this....

I wish I wouldn't have taken back Small Wolf today to the library so you could have seen the resemblance of this picture to one in the book. Sid the Science Kid did an amazing job on this picture! He even has the "white man's land" on one side and the "Indian's land" on the other side with a tepee.In science we learned about the sun, stars and constellations. Although, I avoided getting too far into teaching about constellations. We made a sun out of our hand prints and put "Jesus is the Light of the World" on it with our bible memory verse. We were going to cook our lunch in the sun one day - hotdogs and sun tea - but the weather didn't allow us to. Then, at the end of the week we made our own constellations for fun. We've also had these glowing stars to put up in Sid the Science Kid's room for months, so we plan to put those up this next week sometime. The pictures books I found for these topics were wonderful this week. Finding books on Indians that were age-appropriate was a much harder task. Here are some photos of our science projects:

In Preschool Angelica Pickles learned about frogs. We did some F activities, colored some frog pictures, jumped around on paper lily pads like frogs, made some frog crafts, and learned about the life cycle of the frog. I think she learned a lot. She wasn't as patient with the informational books, but they were short and sweet and having her siblings sitting and listening to them helped. She carried around a beanie frog all week long that she found, too.

Our lily pad frog game...
Paper bag puppets....
Our character trait we are working on for the next two weeks is Obedience. I do think my kids are pretty obedient, and even do what they are told when they don't want to often. But, at times we have whining when it comes to picking up toys and stomping when we are sent to our rooms. On a rare occasion we even have lying and hitting. I think one of our biggest problems is not stopping something right away when we are told to; be it a project, wrestling or arguing. So, before the new baby comes and while I can't physically get up every time and "make" them obey, we are going to discuss the importance of Obedience and learn our C verse, Colossians 3:20. I have a few Help Me Be Good books on whining, fighting, throwing tantrums and disobeying and a number of Aesop's Fables and other stories pertaining to the topic.

Onto week 5 of homeschooling....It's really gone FAST! This next week we are learning about the Pilgrims and the Plymouth settlement.

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