Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Boo Boo is Talking!

Oh, how I am enjoying Boo Boo's age....16 months now! He is such a sweet baby. He still loves balls, penguins, and maracas and is really starting to love books. You might not believe me, but the boy can throw a ball with some amazing accuracy and he can even "dribble" the ball well, like in soccer. He really does seem talented even at his young age. Daddy has his soccer player in Sid, so I think he's hoping for Boo Boo to do baseball...ha! Someday he might have to decide between the Cubs and the Cardinals....

Boo Boo now has a stuff penguin he sleeps with for naps and bedtime. He adores his penguin. For the baby's birth, Mr. Prince and I always gift each of the children the day the baby is born to show them how special they are to us. At a zoo in IL we found a cute stuffed penguin larger than his current little one to give Boo Boo after the birth. He is sure to love it!

Boo Boo so far has been a late bloomer, compared to my other three go-getters. He crawled a little later (10.5 mo), walked a little later (13 mo) and still isn't talking much at 16 months. But, that is starting to change. He started saying "baby" this past week, along with "mama" again. He dropped "mama" a few months ago when we got really excited after he said "daddy" and after that every person became "daddy," including myself. He sings this little song from a children's CD all the time, "Daddy, daddy, da, da, da" or "Mama, mama, ma, ma, ma." It's so cute! And when it's nap or bedtime we sing, "Where is blanket? Where is blanket? I don't know, I don't know" and repeat it with "Where is penguin?" and "Where is paci?" He now sings the "I don't know" part in a baby sing-song voice. So adorable! He can say a few other things like kitty, doggy, cheese, gentle, moo and cheerio, but signs most other things. Oh, Boo Boo also loves watching trees and now can sign "tree." Other signs he does regularly are more, food/eat, drink, daddy, mommy, penguin, bye bye, finished, milk, goodnight, change, gentle, book, frog, please, and thank you. He knows exactly what you are saying to him and it amazes me what he is able to do when I ask him for something or tell him to do something. Our family has always had great success with signing at a young age and the older children learn the signs all over again with each new toddler. They also like to make up signs if I don't know the "correct" sign for something they ask about. Here Boo Boo is signing "please."

Boo Boo is my sweet baby and in a few weeks he is going to look gigantic to me, I know it! I always hate how abruptly the toddler seems to grow up when the new baby arrives. And Boo Boo has seemed so little for so long. He is actually my smallest baby at this age...just barely over 20lbs. He is smaller than my tiny girls! But 20lbs is going to look huge next to 8lbs. I was really hoping that Boo Boo would be a little older when his sibling arrived, but God has other plans apparently. Such is life. We are so greatful to have 4 beautiful, healthy children and pray this new baby is just has healthy and full of life!

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