Friday, October 16, 2009

Myra's Successful Surgery

Daddy sang to Myra for 1.5 hours before surgery because she was so hungry...

Myra on her way to the OR

Well, Dr. Smith said Myra's nissen fundoplication surgery and g-tube surgery went by the book. Her scars will be significant, but we can easily feed our child without worry that she will aspirate into her lungs now. And after having two babies with reflux, there is an added benefit that she won't be spitting up all over us all the time!

There was concern she might not come off the vent right away, but we are thankful that Myra was off the vent before she even came back to her room! It was a long night and they doctors had some trouble keeping her pain managed. We changed her dosages two different times and finally, 15 hours after surgery, they were able to make her comfortable with a Fentanyl drip. Unfortunately, this is delaying when she will be able to eat again. Until she is off the drip, she can't eat. So, it will be close to 72 hours before she eats again after surgery. Either Mr. Prince or I will be at the hospital throughout the day today, and I'll be staying again tonight to comfort her hunger pains. Last night we were both able to rest quite a bit, so I should be ready if it should be another long night.

The clear "button" on top of the gauze is where we will attach tubing to feed her....hopefully for not very long....

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Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

So glad to hear the surgery went well! Myra is beautiful and I'm sure God has big plans for her.

We've been praying for you since I came to your blog through Shanna's (Learning at His Feet). I also homeschool and had our third daughter on Aug. 25.

Sara (NY)