Thursday, March 25, 2010

Adventures at the ER

Where is the quarter, Brynnan? "Right here."

So, Angelica little mischievous, third-born child...decided that the pizza at dinner was not enough to fill her tummy this evening. So, she decided to EAT a QUARTER! Goofball!

She came downstairs less than 30 minutes after going to bed and said, "Mommy, I ate something I wasn't supposed to." I proceeded to ask her if it was a hairband or polly pocket clothes or a stick-on earring (common things I pull out of her mouth) but she told me, "It was moneys." Mr. Prince then took her upstairs to show her the different coins to ask which one she swallowed and she pointed to the quarter. After investigating further, he realized a quarter he left near the sink the night before was not there.


I called Grandma K and her pediatrician's afterhours number, but after an hour of waiting (and after reading a few blog posts about other moms adventures to the ER), I decided I wanted to bring her in anyway.

She was a little scared as she changed into some clothes. "What are they gonna do to me?" I told her they would just take a picture of her tummy and nothing would hurt. I think it was enough to scare her into telling me the truth if she was lying, so I felt better about that.

The x-ray showed it was already into her intestines, so that was good. Now, the fun part! We have to check her stool until it passes and possibly have another x-ray done in a few days. Oh, the fun of parenting! She gave us signs to watch for in case it obstructs the intestines, and we were off! Angelica Pickles looked sad and asked, "When are they gonna take out the moneys?" HA!

There is it!

She looked sad at bed and told me she wanted to poop it out right now. I made her feel better and told her we would throw a party when we found it.

So, anyone who wants to come over for the Poopy Party in the next few days, you are more than welcome!! =)~

Thanks, Angelica Pickles, for the many adventures in my life!


Melanie said...

That's a great story! Ben once ate a penny and I called 911, the paramedics came to the house, looked at him, and said "it'll come out eventually!" I was like "I could have told you that!" Came out the next day : )

Linzmcgregor said...

I love that you took pictures of it!
Poor little thing. But a party. I think I might go swallow some moneys if you will throw me a party!

sweeeet it's party time!