Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Myra is 6 months old!!

Our little miracle baby is 6 months old today!


Ever since we left the hospital the time has just flown by!

Myra is currently still on anti-seizure medication and will be for the first few years of her life. But, she is not having seizures and is very stable. We are so very thankful for this. She does have some facial "ticks," but we are hoping these go away as she grows. With one, her little eyebrow goes up like she's checking you out. It's actually pretty cute, but probably annoying to her. =)

Her pediatrician has asked us to supplement her with a bottle of breastmilk mixed with formula once a day. She is 10lbs 12oz and 23.5 inches long at six very tiny! I have to say, we are still loving this tiny baby stage and are soaking it all up! Though, for her health we are praying and hoping she'll start to grow more soon. We'll be exploring solid foods this month and are hopeful she will take to them well. I will be consulting with a speech therapist hopefully soon. We are keeping her feeding tube in until we know she's going to take to solid foods well and starting to gain weight better. Her head circumference is still not changing significantly and she is currently 6 standard deviations from normal. We are continuing to pray her head will start to grow proportionally as her body starts to grow and that her brain will continue to function and develop. Please pray with us.

Right now Myra is seeing a wonderful therapist through First Steps and is progressing, but fairly slowly. She is gaining more control of her head and neck and (when propped with arms extended) is able to roll over! She loves soft toys and blankets and smiles when you place something in her hand. Her vision impairments do not allow her to be able to reach and grab for toys, but she will hold a rattle in her hand and react to the noise. She loves music, too. And her favorite song for us to sing is "Amazing Grace" and I really need to learn all those verses! Kyler calls it the "magic song" because she almost always immediately calms when I sing it. She is very sensitive to smells and voices when people hold her and will react negatively if she isn't comfortable. I think a few of her favorite people are Gracelyn, Grandma K, Grandmama, Uncle Benji, Uncle Brandon and PaPaw.

**I tried to upload a video of Myra rolling over and smiling at PaPaw, but I can't get it right now. I'll try again later...**

We are so lucky to have Myra. I have grown tremendously throughout these last six months. Growing has its pains, but they are worth it. We are looking ahead expecting great gains and great miracles in Myra's life. Looking forward to what these next six months will bring for all of us... Here is a look back on the last 6 months...

Myra Annette born on September 24, 2009

1 month - Finally home from the hospital!!

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months!

We Love You, Myra!!

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