Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Visiting Grandpa P - this time with Pictures!!

Well, we were thankfully able to visit Grandpa P again this week. On Sunday Grandma K called and told us we needed to come say our goodbyes as soon as possible. With a birthday party to plan and execute and going out of town on Monday for Myra, we weren't sure if we'd make it. We are thankful he's held on long enough for us to!

We video taped the visit and Grandpa said all the things he usually says. Talked to Mr. Prince about being a good cowboy and eating his beans (from childhood), told Myra she was sweet just like her Mama, asked a few times if Myra was Mr. Prince's baby and if she was #5 and then mentioned he knew she probably wouldn't be the last.

I love Grandpa's voice. I'll never forget his voice. And I hope I hear it again this week.

Ezekiel kissing Grandpa - he saw Grandpa kiss Myra and wanted his own lovin'!

Mr. Prince and Grandpa - this is the closest grandparent to Mr. Prince
and he will dearly miss him...

Grandpa loves babies, and Myra is no exception - he even got to nibble her ear this time!

All the kids wanted to hold his hand, but were wondering
why he was bandaged up and bleeding. They don't quite understand.

Kyler has developed a special love for Grandpa and keeps asking to visit him,
I think because he knows he might not see him again.
He was happy to know Grandpa knows Jesus and will be in heaven when he dies.

Grandpa has been transferred back to his nursing home into Hospice care. He was drinking Pepsi when we visited him and I think had a beer last night! He's ready to go I think. He wants Grandma K to be there. We will visit him as a family tomorrow evening if he is still around.

We love you Grandpa!

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Anonymous said...

Ashley, thank you for these tender subscripts to the pictures. I can't convey to you how much it means to me to know that Dad's family is there for him. That's all he cared about in the whole world. He gave up many dreams because of the sick children. He had a chance to be transferred to Australia for a special project with General Electric (GE). And he could have had a lucrative career in the Air Force as a Fighter ACE, but they decided to get out and go back home to Fort Wayne for family support. My parents never moved from there.

You have brought a special love to our family that has been missing since Aunt Marylin passed away. Thank you for being YOU!

Aunt Janet