Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Olympics 2010

Sid the Science Kid is 7!
Here he is showing off all his goodies from his siblings on March 4th.
(Notice the completed Legos...they were done within minutes of receiving the gifts!)

After much discussion, Sid decided he wanted an Olympic Birthday Party! Mommy didn't want to find toys to entertain a bunch of boys, so we decided planned games would keep them moving and keep our house in order. =)

The Cake
I was originally going to do five 8in round cakes to make the Olympic rings,
but decided MnM rings were good enough.

Sid's paper plate project. Turned out good!

The decorations.
I'm not too much into streamers or other fancy decorations. A few balloons and a nice cake are usually all I have, but these flags were a nice touch (along with an Olypmic Dream banner) and will be used in school next year.

The Olympic torch.
None of the kids quite got what this was, so I didn't do the Olympic torch lighting at the beginning of the party like I had planned. It's a Wiggles microphone, so I used it to announce the medals at the end of the party....until it irritated me and I quit using it. Goofy project.

There were 8 boys and 1 girl
(Sid's beloved girlfriend...the one he said, when he was five,
that he was going to marry her in 13 years....HA!)

I had Olympic music on when people arrived and the kids picked a country and flag to color that we would tape onto their backs. We had 6 Olympic games to compete in. I think the kids did really well keeping a good attitude about "winning" and such. I think many were still a little young to really care, so that made it nice.
Oreo Stacking
Cousin Josiah

Birthday Boy

Marshmallow Stuffing (Mr. Prince's idea...)
Cousin Connor

Friend Simon

Friend Samuel

The Beloved Laela

Should-have-been Gold Medal Winner, Israel, with 5 marshmallows!
(He represented the country of Israel....go figure!)

Uncle Brandon wanted to show the boys how it's done...

He had 15 or so, until he gagged himself....HA!

Pizza Break!
Each boy represented a different country, but of course the Birthday Boy represented the U.S.A.! I actually had to convince him to do so. He originally wanted to represent Mexico....??

It was so nice, the boys even got to play on the playset Mr. Prince put up last Spring!

Happy Birthday, Sid!

These were the handmade medals I put together. They were adorable!

Oreo Stacking Medal Winners
Instead of a bouquet of flowers, the kids got a bouquet favor with fun little treats and a paper trophy with their name on it.

Marshmallow Stuffing Medal Winners
(I actually handed out the wrong medals here...1st and 3rd were switched, but I chose not to fix it so as not to upset anyone...oops! Sorry Israel!)

Balloon Challenge Medal Winners
For the balloon challenge each contestant had to pop three balloons and follow the directions on a piece of paper inside of the balloon. Things like "hop 3 times" or "Sing Happy Birthday to Sid." What was funny was Sid the Science Kid sang Happy Birthday to himself....Twice!

Milk Jug Bowl Medal Winners
For the Milk Jug Bowl you had three chances to bowl down six empty milk jugs. The winners had the most jugs down in their three turns. Connor knocked down 14 out of 18!

Basketball Medal Winners
Many of the boys had the same basketball score, so we just choose three winners with tops scores and made sure everyone got 2 medals. It was really the only game we "rigged." =)

Obstacle Course Medal Winners
We had a small obstacle course through the lower half of the house that included jumping jacks, soccer, tunnels, basketball, summersalts and a puzzle at the end. I think they enjoyed it. Go U.S.A.!

At the end, we awarded the Birthday Boy with the Olympics 2010 Trophy!

Sid the Science Kid got some more great building toys and books/puzzles. He had all the Legos done within an hour of the party ending. And Mom and Dad forgot to even give him all his gifts at the party! So, he got his Comic Bible, daily devotional and Armor of God play armor later.

I think the party was a hit and everyone enjoyed themselves. I have a feeling this will be the first birthday party Sid the Science Kid will remember.

Happy Birthday, Sid!! We love you!!

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Anna said...

Samule had a great time. He would have been fine switching medals. He is good that way, but I understand what you mean. He and Karen could not stop talking about the party all night and all day Monday.