Friday, March 26, 2010

Bowling with Uncle Isaac!

Uncle Isaac turns 33 today, and for his birthday he asked to take the kids bowling! Sid the Science Kid has gone once, but the girls have never been. It was a blast!

Angelica Pickle's feet were actually too small for a pair of shoes,
but after tears, she just wore some big ones.

Isaac teaching them how to bowl

All the kids had a combination of throwing/pushing to get the ball down.
And yes, there were bumpers!!

Princess Pea was bouncing off the walls excited when she bowled a few spares!

Sweet Miracle just slept the whole time!

Final scores: Isaac (62), Sid the Science Kid(68),
Princess Pea(67), Angelica Pickles(59)

Thanks Uncle Isaac for a day of fun memories!!
Happy Birthday!!

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