Monday, August 3, 2009

Nature Study.... Help!

My children love nature and want to do a nature walk everyday anymore. We went to the zoo this week and they wanted to take pictures of all kinds of plants and flowers they wanted to draw when they got home. Now that they've drawn most of them, they want to label them. But, I know nothing about plants. I've searched on the internet, but can't find a search engine to look up what a certain flower is. I have the Comstock book, but it isn't helpful either. Do they have a Flowers for Dummies book? Does anyone know how to look these up??


G.L.H. said...

One problem is that the flowers you have are not wild. prob'ly why they're not in Comstock.

The purple coneflower is digitalis something or other. If you get the common name, you can look up the scientific name.

(ask Linda for help)

Janna said...

I'll take a shot . . .
#1 possibly some sort of daylilly
#2 don't know
#3 allium (that has dried, at the end of it's lifespan)
#4 hosta
#5 don't know
#6 purple coneflower (echinacea)
#7 black-eyed susan (rudbeckia)
#8 some sort of daylilly
#9 hibiscus

One thing I have done is sent away for free gardening catologues, from Burpee's, Wayside Gardens, Park Seed, etc. They are a great free reference and good material for the girls to cut up. ;o)