Saturday, May 23, 2009

Angelica Pickles Turns THREE!

Well, my baby girl turned three this week. It's a little odd because she has seemed three for at least six months now. And I've been telling people she's three for months now, too. I made this purple dress for her special day.

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For the first time in 13 parties, I decided to not hand-make a cake or have people over to the house. I purchased a cake from Meijer and we met her friends at a local park. I just needed it to be easy. She chose a Wall-E cake, even after coaxing from her Mom to pick Dora or Hello Kitty. I just didn't think her new purple dress I made her went well with the browns and yellows of the Wall-E cake. But, she disagreed. So, Wall-E it was! I also went out of my way to pick up a Wall-E 2-foot balloon (which, by the way, was $10!), but at the end of the party it ended up high in the trees of Foster Park. I told the girls they shouldn't have been fighting over the balloons and it wouldn't have broken and Angelica Pickles immediately said, "Jesus can help us Mom!" How do you respond to a 3-year-old that Jesus can't really help in this situation? I swept over the issue and distracted them and tried to get Princess Pea to stop crying over the balloon. She was more upset than Angelica Pickles! Mommy was upset, too! Such is life...

Angelica Pickles was very hard to shop for this year. I finally went online for ideas, hoping I wouldn't have to waiste money on gifts that she wouldn't play with. I had a few ideas, but most of which I figured I would have had to order weeks ago. So, I went to the local specialty toy store and found one of the items I had seen online! It is a wooden cake set made my Melissa & Doug with candles and topings. I have been looking for a cake set for a few years because my children love to play "birthday." So, that has definitely been a hit! I also got her these 3 inch cat figures that have clothes and furry bodies. I played with them when I was a kid! I got her a family with 4 kids, so each one represents a sibling....until #5 shows up! So, she was very happy when opening her gifts. She got a few gifts from family and friends that she has been enjoying, also. Overall the party at the park was a hit and I didn't have to bake or clean my house! I might have to try this again sometime. Although, for $26 I think I'll make the cake next time myself!

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G.L.H. said...

A lovely time! Hooray for Angelica Pickles!