Thursday, May 7, 2009

Taylor University Fort Wayne Closes Its Doors

Taylor University FW has meant a lot to me and it's really sad to know my Alma Mater won't exist after this month. They are having a Heritage Weekend on May 8-9 inviting all of TUFW's Alumni. Not only am I looking forward to seeing friends I haven't seen since graduation, and friends I'll probably never have the opportunity to see again, but we are going to experience our last Chapel service, our last lecture with Dr. Quinn White (our education professor) and our last Koinonia (worship service led by the students) this weekend. My grand plan consisted of all my children attending Taylor, walking to class (since we are only a few blocks from it), myself working in the office to get a tuition discount, and all of them graduating from TUFW like their mother and father. Oy! My plans disrupted again! It will be a memorable weekend.

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Linzmcgregor said...

Awh... that's so sad :(