Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Klan is Now Spoiled with a Backyard Playset!!

MommyK and Mr. Prince decided with a toddling Boo Boo who still takes a morning nap and a hot, pregnant Mommy, that our family would benefit from a backyard playset this summer. I researched playset for almost a month and we visit all the local shops in town. We knew we were on a tight budget saving up for a new van next year, so we had many limitations. Although we couldn't afford a brandname product that has a lifetime warranty and free installation, we did get a comparable playset with all the features we wanted and a 10 year warranty. Oh, and Mr. Prince had to put it together...

Some good friends of ours came over as a family one Wednesday and Mr. Jason helped Mr. Prince put the playset together. They worked from sun-up to sun-down with six children running around the backyard. By the end of the night the playhouse was constructed, the swings were up and the climbing wall was assembled. The ladder and slide would have to wait for another day, including all the accessories.

The follow Saturday the Klan spent the day outside and Mom and Dad finished the ladder and slide. The children were ecstatic! They have been enjoying it every day MommyK feels like going outside...HA! Accessories are still not up, but the importat parts are. Accessories will have to wait until after our homestudy on June 3rd.

Sid the Science Kid and Princess Pea testing out the playhouse.

Boo Boo LOVES his swing

He also loves Princess Pea taking him down the slide!

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