Friday, May 15, 2009

Garage Sale Junkie

Hi, my name is Mommy K, and I'm a garage sale junkie.

I admit it.

I'll drive by a sign and find it hard to resist stopping, no matter where I'm going. What if I find the greatest deal ever!? If I don't stop, I will live in my what-if world, which isn't healthy either, right?

I went to a large association sale today and found some great deals. It's hard to come home with something for everyone, but I think I did succeed today - even Mr. Prince! He'll be excited. Princess Pea hit the jackpot for a new summer wardrobe, and everyone else at least got something nice. The Klan rode around with me for over four hours and did great! They got out a few times, but mostly I left them in there. It's too much to unbuckle and buckle four children every four houses. They are going to get ICE-CREAM after dinner, the world's best prize!

I think my greatest find today is the sewing table and machine I got for $5.00! I'm not sure what kind of condition the Singer is in, but the table is nice and it might fit my machine I bought off of E-bay a year or so ago. My mother-in-law wants the machine, so I dropped it off for her to look at. I would like to have a few machines to teach my girls on eventually, and I need a WORKING one for myself someday, too. Right now I'm long-term borrowing my sister-in-law's until she wants it back. She's sixteen, so she may not need it back for a while.

Ahhh...I love garage sale season!

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HomeGrown Life said...

You are not alone in your desire to thrift and buy used! So thrilled that you found so many useful items for your family's present and future.