Monday, May 11, 2009

New Experiment

Ok, this has come about out of desperation of wanting to have a day with minimal bickering and screaming. The older three seem to constantly be arguing over who is first and whom is playing with whom, and older children are often picking on younger ones. Tired of the "noise" of it all, I created a game plan.

The Klan can earn MnMs by doing something nice for siblings and siblings are the ones who recognize the nice gestures, not mom or dad. MnMs can be saved and traded for larger prizes, or eaten after lunch or dinner. Siblings can not ask another sibling to give them an MnM.

In the first 15 min all three had earned an MnM. Great start, right? At 30 min one sibling had earned two MnMs and the other two children fell apart. So, it will take some getting use to I guess. I'm trying to ignore the bad behavior, to some extent, and just remind them that those are not the gestures that will earn them MnMs. So far the redirecting has worked, but it's only 9am... At the moment they are playing well together and fairly quiet. I'll keep you updated.

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