Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sid the Science Kid Get a Glimps of "Real" School

Ok, I'd like to say I am extremely excited for this opportunity, but instead my stomach is doing flip-flops! I guess I'm just one of those mommies that can't let go...

Mr. Prince has worked at a summer clubhouse since I've know him. He started working at one a little further away a few years ago, but it's a better group of kids in a more upscale city. Well, he thought that this would be a good opportunity for Sid the Science Kid to experience "school." There are many homeschool families that attend the summer program and the families are more involved in their children's education than in Mr. Prince's inner-city teaching position. The negative influences that we worry about in public school will be almost non-existent in this environment. Mr. Prince knows each of the teachers, students and families very well and still feels very comfortable sending Sid there 8 hours a day for 4 weeks.

MommyK, on the other hand, isn't so easy to please. Thinking about him being gone 40 HOURS in one week seriously makes me ILL! My mother, known lovingly as Grandmama, is coming to watch Princess Pea, Angelica Pickles and Boo Boo for Sid's first day. But, now I'm thinking I need a sitter for the field trip days, too! Sid the Science Kid has never been on a bus, nor would know how to act on a bus. I told Mr. Prince he is required to sit with him on every bus ride, but I'm thinking I want to be there, too! Oh, these next few weeks will be challenging for me...

Sid the Science Kid's schedule consists of 8 classes, 2 recesses and an additional music class at the end of the day with the entire clubhouse crew (grades K-5th). His classes are math (which Mr. Prince teaches), reading, music, art, relationships (character building, table manners, etc.), chess (yes, they learn how to play chess!), gym and games (learning how to play different board games and such). He will actually change classrooms for each of these classes! I didn't do that until I was in 6th grade! For not having ever been in a school environment, I wonder if this experience will be too much for him. Which is precisely why I am attending the first day with him.

The clubhouse usually centers around a theme which is incorporated into music, relationships and reading. This year's theme is Patriotism. Now THAT is cool! Last year they did "Green Living" so I'm glad I like their theme this year.

Overall, I do agree this could be an awesome experience for him. And it only cost $10! Breakfast and lunch included - can't get a better deal than that! But, it will be difficult for me to send him off for that long each day. I also think he struggles some with obeying other authority figures, but I guess I'll get a good assessment of that, right? He is looking forward to the experience and I'm sure will fall asleep every day when he gets home! I'll keep you updated on his experiences.

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J-momma said...

i don't see how it can harm him. i am a firm believer in giving kids lots of experience, even if only for short term. if it were me, i would even send him to the inner city one. let him see how other people live. giving him lots of diverse and cultural experiences, even if it's a little scary or possibly a bad influence, will make him a well-rounded person. well, that's my opinion anyway. i think it would be a good thing and you should not worry so much. but then again, i don't have a 6 year old leaving for 40 hours a week at a time. that is a long time! and i would probably worry a little too.