Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Interview Elaboration

I think in my frustration of hearing yet again the "you have too many kids" speech, I forgot to mention that Jean is planning to highly recommend Paul and I for foster care, pending our home study goes well. She said our recommendations were very good and said she felt we had excellent parenting skills, a good home, integrity and so on. She was just being forward in telling us that just because she recommends us, that doesn't necessarily mean we will be licensed. The committee has the final say. But, she did say that in the end they are looking at everyone's well-being, ours and the children being placed, and that if we are denied it is still the best for everyone involved. So, I just wanted to clarify. I got stuck on my own frustrations last night. But, all looks positive as of right now. We'll just have to wait....and pray.


Crystal and Bryan said...

Hi! I wanted to respond to the comment that you left on my blog. When we started fostering, we only wanted infants (under 12 months) but were told essentially in our area that would be pretty much impossible. Here, family usually steps up for the little ones. So we upped our age limit to 3 and under, and ended up getting a 2 year old for 3 days and then this last placement. We wanted to keep birth order at all times, so we wanted kids younger than our youngest two. I want to wish you luck in your journey!!

Mommy K said...

Yes, we want to keep birth order somewhat, in the sense that our oldest always be the oldest. We have said we want to take in children under 6, since our oldest is 6. Once we start getting placements, that may change, I'm not sure. We will find out in June whether our license has gone through.

I'm looking for other foster parents to follow as we move into this new chapter in our lives. I would love to follow your journey, if you don't mind. =)


Crystal and Bryan said...

I would be totally fine with it, but unfortunately I don't think that we are going to continue. This experience has taught me a whole lot about myself, what I can handle and what I can't, and what my kids can handle and what they can't. And they can't handle the fostering. I'm not going to put them through it again. If it was just me and my husband, we would be right back in it. But it's not, and I have these 3 little angels to think about. I feel badly that we won't be able to help others, but I have to think about my family first.

Mommy K said...

I understand that completely. We may end up in the same situation. I am set up for 5 and under, but before even getting children, am considering limited our ages from that to younger. We'll just have to see how it all goes. We definitely have a heart for it, but family comes first, I agree. Good luck on making a decision on what to do next.